Why Choose NCUK?

NCUK. Your best route to university.

We are a consortium of leading universities dedicated to giving international students access to universities worldwide and helping them succeed when they get there.

Our qualifications are designed by our universities, taught by our global network of Study Centres, and studied by students aspiring to get into some of the world’s top universities. We offer a range of qualifications to suit international students of all levels from pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate pathway programmes.

Passing an NCUK qualification guarantees students a place at one of our universities, enabling them access to thousands of degree courses.

NCUK has placed over 40,000 international students on to a wide range of university degree courses and our track record is something we’re extremely proud of!

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NCUK Universities

NCUK students who pass their qualification are guaranteed a place at one of our university partners.


Quality Qualifications

Our qualifications are designed in collaboration with our university partners and are of the highest academic standard as evidenced by our highly impressive statistics. Students who pass our qualifications gain guaranteed access to NCUK universities, as well as having the opportunity to progress to universities worldwide including Australia, Ireland and North America.

Global Network of Study Centres

NCUK has a worldwide network of over 90 Study Centres and you can choose to study locally, or at one of our Study Centres in the UK and Ireland. Wherever you choose to take your qualification you can be confident that each approved study centre offers the same high standards of service and facilities.


University Admissions & Placement Service

By studying an NCUK qualification not only are you receiving a world-class education, you will also benefit from our dedicated University Admissions and Placement Service, a Guaranteed place at an NCUK university upon passing your qualification, a range of academic prizes and UK scholarships specifically for NCUK students, as well as improving your English language with our English for Academic Purposes modules.

Our University Admissions and Placement Service ensures NCUK students get into the most appropriate degree course at university and we always act in everyone’s best interest. We provide expert guidance to students whilst also supporting their application at every stage of the university application process. Students who pass the NCUK qualification are guaranteed a place at an NCUK university and we also offer a cascading clearing support service to ensure any students who don’t meet their grades for their first-choice university, still get a place at a relevant course in one of our universities.

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